Welcome to Just Be Special !!!

My name is Kate and I am a mommy of two beautiful princess.

To be honestly, when I was pregnant for the first time, all my thoughts were about a boy. I bought a lot of boys clothes and it seemed to me that I even saw my future boy in my dreams. But I was surprised when my first girl was born. She was very beautiful and sweet and my life was changed forever. Her closet was full of beautiful clothes, accessories and shoes. But all this did not emphasize her peculiarity and uniqueness. So when my second daughter was born, I began to think about selling a quality baby clothes and also creating my own brand clothes collection for girls.

In our store Just Be Special we believe that every child is special and unique. Each one has their own story of love, play, adventure, discovery, bravery and more. Each and everyone is different like my beautiful girls but they all have one thing in common - each of them wants to be an individual and need to have a unique clothes for that.

All items that we sell in our store undergo strict quality control and have a certificate confirming safety for children. We carry a variety of high quality, individually designed, handmade pieces, geared towards accentuating your child's unique personality.

We hope that you will love every piece as much as we do.

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